March 30, 2009


For those of you that follow my blog to read about how I'm dealing with being bipolar, I posted a new entry in The Discovery of the Mental Me (thats the blog I moved all my crazy posts to. lol)

For those of you that are reading because you want to giggle at my weird ass shenanigans, I'm sorry but I don't have it in me to really write fun stuff right now.

March 6, 2009


So, I’ve been thinking (ha, that’s funny regarding this post) that perhaps this blog has been focused far too much on introspection. Since the name hints at external adventures and discoveries, methinks I will move all of my self shizzy to a new blog and only write about interesting occurrences on this one because I’d like to give people an example of my writing without the Debbie Downer theme song playing.

Soooo I’ll be moving my heavier posts over there and keeping my amusing ones here. So those that are following my mental journey, join me at The Discovery of the Mental Me. Those that want to see how I view the world and read about my random adventures and amusing observations (that could be the same thing as how I see the world…. whatever…. lol). I was going to create a website but.. I be a broke ass ho and blogger is free. So there.

One more so, I will be whoring the hell out of this blog to get my writing out there and the other one will prolly be more of a wallflower that you can poke if you’d like to see where my brain is at.

Yay for first steps, new adventures and new introspections. Join me on my journeys if you like. I assure you many will be interesting… or weird as hell… lol