November 5, 2009

The Discovery of Me School Photos

As previously promised, here are a few of my favorite pics I have taken for photography class:

You take these without my permission, I harm you. For serious. It's happened before.

*glares menacingly*

lol K. Soooooo what do ya think, y'all

November 4, 2009

The Discovery of the Major Incompetence and Suckage of Northwest Airlines

Ah ha. Once more it has been too long since I have updated…

*slaps hand*

I will admit that I have been in a rut as of late so words weren’t exactly flowing from my brain… more like sticking to the inside of the imagination. Anywho. This post is a tale of my adventure to WI. And oh what a tale it is.

Sooooo we start on October 28th (last Wednesday). Our plane was supposed to take off from SFO at 2:51pm and land in Minneapolis, MN at 8:36pm leaving us plenty of time to make our connecting flight to Madison, WI at 10pm. We booked our tickets through Orbitz which was handy because it texts me in case there are any delays.

The first text informed me that our flight would be delayed until 3:45pm and would now arrive in Minneapolis at 9:30pm. Ok, that was cutting it close but still doable.

The second text informed me that we were now delayed until 4:10pm and wouldn’t arrive until 9:42pm. Nail biting ensued. Surely our connecting flight would be delayed as well?!

Nay. I received a third text from Orbitz letting me know that it was A-ok and on time. I honestly wasn’t really worried because I figured they’d hold the plane as there were 7 other people going to Madison from our flight. This is logical because there are only 20 seats on the plane to Madison and it wasn’t even full.

Did this happen? Ohhhhh no. In fact, our connecting flight headed out to the runway right as we were taxiing in. Now, I have traveled via plane a lot and LOGICALLY there was always another flight to my desired airport. But, this is Northwest (or Northworst as it shall now be called) and logic DOES NOT APPLY. No more flights = what the fuck do we do. Well, thank goodness there was an older gentleman that rallied us together and we pounced on the ticketing agent letting her know that they would provide a hotel room for us and a new plane ticket. Our new departure time was at 8:45am the next day and boy oh boy did they spring for a wonderful hotel room at the Days Inn. I don’t know if any of you have ever stayed in a Days Inn but the atmosphere of our lovely cigarette scented room (and this was a non-smoking room) inspired me to keep my socks on at all times. Stu (my beau) attempted to take a shower and found that the hot and cold was mixed up and showering was not an option for me as there was only ONE towel.

Good times, good times.

So we finally arrived in Madison and my brother in law picked us up and the WI adventure began. The whole family experience may or may not be provided in another post as it wasn’t too eventful (thank god) but at the same time… meh.

So after this lovely trip to WI we figured that we just couldn’t possibly have bad luck back to CA. Right? Right?


The same motherfucking thing happened. The flight was delayed out of Madison and OF COURSE we would have missed our connecting flight to SFO and OF COURSE there were no more planes to SFO that day so we had to stay one more night in Fort Atkinson with my sister.

How much do I hate Northworst? Let’s just say that if I ever ran in to CEO of the company, I wouldn’t hesitate to punch him in the balls for not funding enough flights AND for using shitty planes. Fun Fact: Northwest was bought out by Delta due to the lack of funds so the same goes for any Delta CEO.

Here are some pics that help me convey my hate.

These images belong to lolercats