April 23, 2009

Long Ago

I wrote this stuff a long time ago but never showed anyone because they were so personal. But while in MN a lot of synapses a fired at once and now...

Fuck it. It's how I feel/felt. Time to express it.

Some of these are/were songs so they can be a bit rhymey but who cares.

Feedback would be kewl.

Where did you come from?
And just when I was ready
Where did you go?

The tree beside you was dipping
Trying to take your soul
I fell deep in to this story
Of a land from long ago

Where did you come from
and just when I was ready
Where did you go?

In my scared silence I'll sing to you with hollow bones
My heart has naught to offer 'cept a reflection of thine own
I wander aimlessly down this path of false hope
With a marred smile twisted on my lips
My face now only knows one expression
For the rest are too vulnerable to bare
It's hard to cry when a salt has dammed the ducts
The disdain in your eyes has made this clear
I am nothing to you, and never was.

Dark shades of blue
remind me that I am nothing, nothing to you
tears fill my brim
they cry, you are nothing, nothing to him
So I long for the black
For it sings, you're not, you're not coming back
Because when a heart shatters, only time can heal
But when the spirit goes there's not time to spare

Hollow boy, where did you get those eyes?
I must admit, it took me by surprise
that you remembered, you remembered my name
I thought, well I believed
that I was just another broken doll for you to leave
See I thought, no I believed
that i could fill you, I could fill you with my love
silly me, silly me to think that was enough
But now you're back, you're back to take some more
well I'm sorry to disappoint, and I'm sorry to bore
But there is nothing, nothing for you to take anymore
See now I'm hollow, I'm hollow with only songs
to remind me, to remind me of what is gone.

Hello, ball and chain.
Good to know your back again
thanks for the memory
of a sad and weaker shade of me
It comforts me still
to know that I made my own living hell
Cause when you were in charge
of something that heavy
i realized that salvation was in me
Goodbye ball and chain
I'll wear your scars with pride
to show the world I didn't hide

Trapped in my own skin
entangled again
I don't know where to begin
to unweave the web I’m in

tick tock things and silken strings tie me to you, release my lever while I untie my tether and separate we shall go.

So yeah. From long ago but some what applies to now. *shuffles nervously* holy vulnerable I feel. lol

April 1, 2009

We're All In This Together

Below is the language from a card that my friend Emily gave me for my birthday. She said it reminded her of something I’d write. I wholeheartedly agree and am pissed for not doing it first. Le sigh

According to Einstein, all things living and non-living are made of a mass, which we call matter, and the mass of a physical object and the energy it contains are, in fact, interchangeable along the formula E=MC2. Which essentially concludes that matter is nothing more than a form of light, and that humans are, essentially the same thing as eels, rats, bears, chairs, dung or sashimi. On that note, it could be said that eels, rats, bears, chairs, dung, and sashimi should all have birthdays too.

Hey, we’re all in this together.

Le true, no? Now lets all hold hands and sing It's a Small World After All.

Just cause.