June 26, 2008

That Damn R.E.M. Song May Be Correct

So we've had a fuckton of fires here in California, terrible tornadoes across the Midwest, and fantastical flooding in my hometown. My sister sent some pics of Fort Atkinson, WI, which is about 40mins away from my hometown of Mukwonago.

Ok so see that little white bridge? Yeah usually it's about 10 (at least) feet ABOVE the water.

Those are BALCONIES ON THE SECOND FLOOR that the water is up to.

This is the view from about a block away from my sister's house. You can NEVER see the river from her house because the banks are so high. It usually just looks like the end of the street drops off into oblivion. Even when we had all that flooding a couple of years ago it wasn't this bad.

To say I'm concerned would be an understatement. Mother nature is pissed and personally I think she has every right to be. It's just unfortunate that so many people have to endure the wrath of thousands of years of not caring how we fuck up the ecosystem. I just wonder how the rest of this year is going to go...

June 24, 2008


So far 25 hasn't started too well. I've almost gotten hit by a car while riding my bike, I think I may have broken a bone in my hand and last night a sickening crunch of cartilage indicated I had damaged my nose. AGAIN! My party was... interesting to say the least lol. I know I fell short of my 3 blog a week goal last week but damn it, it was my birthday. So HA. Plus I haven't really felt like any of my thoughts are worth writing down lately. I'm kinda bobbing along. Tonight I am going to chill and enjoy some much needed "me" time and hopefully gather my thoughts.

Here is a pic that is stuck in my head right now:

With so many doorways and paths, how are we to choose which is the one that will make us happy?


Questions, questions and yet I'm the only one that can answer them.

June 19, 2008

Where's My Walker?

lol! No, no, I'm not one of those people will freak out because they turned 25. If you couldn't already tell I never really need a reason to freak out I just do cause I'm suave like that. I don't feel old or anything like that. I do kinda wish I had my degree already or maybe my own apartment, or maybe owned a car or even a plant ...but this just means I get to have more goals. GO ME! So yeah. Hrmmm updates, updates. The text message debacle has been cleared up... kinda. lol. I love how the older I get, the more high school drama my life becomes. I didn't date in high school or really experience any of the drama that usually takes places in that time frame until after I already graduated. So here I am, 25 and terrfied of admiting my feelings.


Yesterday I had to go to the courthouse to report for Jury Duty. Can I just say hangover + Jury Duty = BAD DECISION. Not as bad as flying with a hangover, but close. I will admit that as bad as flying with a hangover is, it helps me get over my fear of flying because whenever there's turbulance I kinda hope that we will crash to the ground so that the person that is letting their child run all over the fucking plane can EXPLODE IN A BALL OF CRIMSON GLORY. But thats just me. Also, crimson glory would be a wonderful name for the period.

If that made you squirmy you need to grow up.


Also, since it's my birthday come join me at my magic picnic table!! WOO WOO

June 13, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Drunk While Text

Yeah. We’ve allllll done it. You’re drinking in a bar with your friends and you start thinking about someone and you get this urge to text that someone. Maybe you’re horny, maybe you miss a friend, maybe your being over analytical and should put the fucking phone down. But do you? No, no, no. You keep on texting them and digging a hole that will eventually lead to China.

I have thought up an idea that will make MILLIONS. Bars should buy dozens of little spider monkeys and train them to steal people’s phones if they start texting people. The monkeys would then deliver them to the bartender or a designated monkey person and you would have to explain who you’re texting and why and if it’s something that will lead you to flog yourself the next morning the person can just call you a cab and you pick up your phone the next day. Yeah so basically I want to hold someone else responsible. I take it back; this is a bad plan…


If you couldn’t already tell I took it upon myself to add drama and discord to my already convoluted life. My foot is so far in my mouth, it’s coming out my ass. UGH!!! So there is this dude I am… seeing (?) and because of that question mark I decided to say that I wanted to end it because I was beginning to like him too much. DUMB DUMB DUMB. First of all doing it in a text is BEYOND lame. Second, now he knows that I really like him and I am now vulnerable. Thirdly I should have just TALKED to him. I, of course, sent a text backtracking this morning and I even called myself out on the backtracking but… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Holy shit, I just discovered a method of time traveling. It’s called alcohol and I mentally put myself back to high school. Gooooo me!

The logical voice in my head is sitting back with its arms crossed and shaking its head while the illogical voice is all “What?”

Well, one more blog and I reach my goal for the week… that’s good, right?


Meh. I know, it could be worse...

June 12, 2008


Uh… hi Blog! I apologize for neglecting you… once again… but come on; with my track record is that really such a surprise?


So life. It’s a crazy experience that I’m analyzing away which is beyond the realm of acceptable. So I have decided to make a goal and attempt to keep it, which for any of those that know me- STOP LAUGHING. I am going to write in here at LEAST three times a week. That allows four days to slack so that should be enough for my hebetudinous ass (yes, that is a word I recently discovered and am damn proud to use. GO VOCABULARY).

I’ve always fancied myself a composer of stories. Not so much a writer as my literary mechanics can make the sturdiest of English teachers recoil in disgust. Mainly because I almost NEVER proof my work before I hand it in or deem it done. This is a skill I am s-l-o-w-l-y acquiring. To say I am impatient wouldn’t be quite right, but close. I need to get my idea/thoughts out immediately otherwise it recedes back in to the chaos that is my subconscious which is beyond infuriating. When I re-read it I end up editing it into a completely different story/subject. The same happens when I am trying to speak so I interrupt or change the subject which can be just a wee bit irritating to those I engage in conversation. It is a trait I am trying to eradicate, I assure you. But due to my forced lack of filter (aka thinking before I speak) it makes things a bit more complex. As mentioned earlier, I over analyze EVERYTHING but the subject in which I am constantly scrutinizing is myself. This leads to completely illogical problems and insecurities. When I try and ponder what I want to add to a verbal soiree my brain promptly trucks it to Alabama and fucks a pig.

No, really.

Any interesting fact or tidbit I want to contribute is immediately slapped down and I begin to dry heave words and phrases that really, really should have never left my mouth. It gets far, far worse when I am around a person I find attractive. Be it male or female, if I admire them my verbal skills dwindle down to the point where I utter “I get bloody noses”. No lie. That’s one of the first things I said to my ex.

Charming, no?

So I usually to attempt to put my analytical butcher aside and just own my awkwardness. Yeah I talk to trees and hate the noise rubber duckies make because they sound sad to me. Yes, I know a little bit about a lot of things but I find it hard to retain any in-depth knowledge of a subject I have studied at length. Yes I will probably interrupt you but I promise I will recognize that I did and try my damnedest to only do it once. Yes, candy bars are an appropriate way to start the day. On that note, yes I will eventually join the YMCA and stop bitching about my flabby ass. But, anyway, back to the interrupting portion of this nonsensical post. I am striving to stop this because I want people to know that listen. I really do. I love hearing people talk about where they come from or experiences they’ve… experienced (shhh I’m too lazy to use a thesaurus right now). They’re stories and that’s what I live for. Everyone and everything has a story and I’d love to know them all. I can’t promise I will remember them but I’d still like to hear them.

So, yeah. Three times a week of my mental vomit and fanatical musings. I can TASTE your eagerness. Also, I want to put a picture up I’ve taken in at least one of the posts because damn it I’m becoming proud of my pictures. I don’t alter them in photoshop or gimp but that’s something I am interested in learning. Once I karate chop my ass to inspire some motivation. Oh how I loathe the sloth in me. But HA HA! I shall slowly back the laziness out my ear this year for I shall be quarter of a century old soon and I’d like to be able to at least say OMG I COMPLETED A GOAL, ISN’T THAT AWESOME!


I took this when I was in Santa Cruz। I love the colors and I love sunsets sooooooooo BADDA BOOM BADA BANG. There you have it.