June 26, 2008

That Damn R.E.M. Song May Be Correct

So we've had a fuckton of fires here in California, terrible tornadoes across the Midwest, and fantastical flooding in my hometown. My sister sent some pics of Fort Atkinson, WI, which is about 40mins away from my hometown of Mukwonago.

Ok so see that little white bridge? Yeah usually it's about 10 (at least) feet ABOVE the water.

Those are BALCONIES ON THE SECOND FLOOR that the water is up to.

This is the view from about a block away from my sister's house. You can NEVER see the river from her house because the banks are so high. It usually just looks like the end of the street drops off into oblivion. Even when we had all that flooding a couple of years ago it wasn't this bad.

To say I'm concerned would be an understatement. Mother nature is pissed and personally I think she has every right to be. It's just unfortunate that so many people have to endure the wrath of thousands of years of not caring how we fuck up the ecosystem. I just wonder how the rest of this year is going to go...

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Roboarto said...

Well, I'm sure there will be more disasters, and the sub prime mortgage woes will continue and exacerbate the housing crisis, the feds will cut interest rates, weakening the dollar and causing inflation which will cause gas prices to rise more, leading to a possibly horrible recession and we'll all go to hell in a hand basket.

HA! Bummer Bert strikes again!

Also, glad the families okay.