July 16, 2008

Beware of my Shards Of Hate

Yes, I am aware that I am slacking hardcore on my goal, but so far 25 is the year of the stupid injuries. As I type this, two of my fingers are taped together because I may have fractured one (my pinky) or torn a ligament…


I am crabby due to pain pills which I DESPISE taking. In my opinion, whatever is hurting should be fixed, they shouldn’t hand out something that will cover it up because that feeling is there for a reason - something is wrong. It’s only IB Profin (but one pill is 800mg) and I also got vicodin. I have not taken one yet nor do I plan to unless a limb falls off. I hate pain pills. I HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEE them. I hate how my doctor just handed me an rx for it and sent me on my way. I want to be fixed thankyouverymuch not stupefied.


I ache to write a happy post. I've constructed some in my head but every time I go to sit down and write it I become distracted and end up watching realllllly shitty movies on youtube.


Ohhhhhh man do I have a bevy of irrational anger right now. Mostly at myself, but bits and pieces can be thrown at people. OMG wouldn’t that be awesome?!? That when you’re angry, you can take the anger out of your head and THROW it at people. Omfg that would RULE. The would be like little glass shards so that when you hear that disgruntled yelp of pain you can smile? That’s not sadistic at all.



I want to curl up and sleep with out waking up with a muffled scream because my arm is throbbing. LAME LAME LAME. 25 IS FUCKING LAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME.

lol and that little voice that says “it could always be worse” just tried to pop up but I think the anger in me just punched it in the face…. ahhh well.

Also, I think I would like a hug.

The end.

HA I LIED! Instead, this sums up how I feel right now.

This was done by the lovely Nataliedee. She is rad times a bazillion. Even cooler than your mom. THATS how awesome she is.

Carry on.


Roberto said...

First... *hug*

So yeah anger shards would be cool. You can hate thought people to death and I'll throw randyness shards at hot chicks and hope when they start ho'in it up I'll be right there in the action.

Hope your hand stops hurting soon puncherella.

Anonymous said...

Pain heals...for reals. Don't worry about les pain meds because that's what they were invented for. They're only trouble with a capital "T" when they're used for the pain inside...corney I know, but true.


The Crofts said...

first, who did you punch? how do you hurt fingers so tiny and hamster-esque? i'll ask elfie, she'll know.

ha, burn.

i hope that made you smile some.

hugs are what i do best, you'll get one on Caturday when you come out for ezra's birfday partay.

it is my goal to write a sentence misspelling every word! i'll do it one day.

anyway, donnalyn is totally RIGHT! when you take the pills for something they're not intended, that is when you get to be... you know... your mom. really. to actually take pain pills for... P.A.I.N.! that's what they're designed to do.


keep being cynical. it's one thing i do well too!