January 28, 2009

Possibly TMI or Possible Giggles - You Have Been Warned

Okeydoke folks this may repulse you but it also may make you giggle. I'm really, really hoping for the latter. This post has been on my mind for some time but I feel the need to actually write it out due to my annoyance level rising because my Google phone does not work yet. AH HA.

Bathroom Etiquette - common sense, no?

Well, not in my building. Boys, I will warn you when you may want to avert your eyes from a certain part of this post but it’s not that bad, and if you do, you are immediately placed into the category of LAME.

Ok, first off. When you walk in to a bathroom and you see that a door is completely closed and feet underneath the door CLEARLY indicating that someone is occupying that stall, do you push as hard as you can on the door? Simple answer = no, right? Not in my work building. I have had to tell woman “SOMEONE’S IN HERE” many a time. Stupid, yes? This has happened multiple times and I’m suspecting that it’s the same woman.

Secondly, when did people start claiming stalls? The women on my floor ALWAYS go into the same stall and indignantly huff when it’s occupied…. it’s a stall, with the same fricken layout as the one next to it. *Sidenote* There are only three stalls in our bathroom, one being a handicap stall.

Thirdly, am I the only one that gets uncomfortable when I am the only one in the bathroom and some sits in the stall right next to me? It’s especially weird when they release a sound similar to a cat clawing its way out of their ass. Due to the fact that I am sooooo mature, I have to stifle my giggles due to the unwritten rule that girls must NEVER make noise in the bathroom. Even I get all weird about it when someone walks in and clamp up while silently cursing the woman for just being there. ESPECIALLY if they only came in to 1 Fix their hair and make up, while humming. 2. Brush their teeth 3 Shake the world with their defecation or 4. Wash dishes. As soon as they leave, the meows begin again.

Fourthly, has anyone ever heard of a fucking COURTESY FLUSH? I mean, seriously. Walking in to the bog of eternal stench is not fun. Not fun at all. Also, don’t you hate it when it already smells when you walk in, then someone else walks in and you wish you could proclaim “That wretched stench IS NOT FROM ME!” Especially when you both end up washing your hands at the sink, at the same time. Or if the foul odor is indeed from you, the urge to lie silently jumps up your throat.

Fifthly, flush.the.fucking.toliet. SERIOUSLY WTF? We have those automatic flushers on our la trines which sucks because before you even still down the damn thing flushes, yet, when you stand up… nothing. But, if you use your wondrous powers of observation, you’ll notice there is a little button that you can press that will make the porcelain contraption cleanse itself. But do the women on my floor do that? Nope.

Sixthly (boys avert your eyes). We had a “little problem” with someone leaving remnants of Aunt Flow on the toilet… then it spread to the floor, then the wall. Our building managers actually had to step in and put signs all over the bathroom letting Bloody Mary know that she had to cut that shit out asap. How fucked is that? That’s like… goatse fucked up. If you don’t know what that is, you are not a true geek. BUT DON’T LOOK IT UP BECAUSE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY.

Seventh, if your toilet liner falls on the floor, pick the fucking thing UP. It was your arse that touched is so why are you scared to touch it once more? Seriously?

Eighth, WHY OH WHY does the janitor decide to clean the bathroom 2 seconds after I enter it? Feeling rushed to pee is never fun. Or if your ass is meowing, it’s embarrassing to leave the bathroom knowing that they will know that you had garlic the night before.

These are a few peeves that I’ve conjured up but I’m sure there are more. But I do believe this is good for the moment. So yeah…. have a good day and enjoy your bathroom experience. Or buy some air freshener so that you can 1 breath 2 use it as a weapon when a woman is trying to break in to your stall.

That is all.


January 21, 2009

Leaving Flighty in the Cage


I know I’ve been M.I.A for a week or so but I’ve been trying to gather the things that I lost. I’m finally getting a phone on Friday, I made new copies of my keys, I’ve been to the DMV (shudder) to get a new license and have yet to receive my atm card (grrrrrr). However, I did receive my new credit card so woo woo for that! After saying that, there is a certain someone that will probably feel guilt wash over them. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!! *smack*

Anyway, onward ho to the title of this blog - Leaving Flighty in the Cage.

1. Given to capricious or unstable behavior.
2. Characterized by irresponsible or silly behavior.
2. Easily excited; skittish.

This was me to a tee; hence the eventually unraveling of my sanity. I lived in a vicious loop of realizing these incredible epiphanies and losing them the very next day. Instability was my bread and butter. Everything I deduce now has been bouncing around in my head for ages. My good friend Troy can vouch for that. I have always been very aware of my flaws, always. Or at least, what I thought were flaws. But ever since I’ve sought help and started medication something new has happened.

I slowed down.

Everything in my head has slowed down. In the past I HAD to multi task to get anything done. Concentration was an elusive thing. People would marvel at my rapid fire tangents and become annoyed with my constant digressions. I would never re-read anything I wrote, I would never really go in depth about anything because I just couldn’t. My brain was moving too fast. I would breeze through books and skim the details on everything. Basically I knew a little bit about a lot of things. But that's all changed. Now, in order to concentrate I have to focus on only a few things at once. At first this scared the hell out of me. I thought rapid thinking was part of me, that other people loved that quality about me. I thought it made me, me. But really, a speedy brain hindered me in the most important way. I couldn’t remember my realizations on life because they would get caught in my undertow and I’d move on to something else.

I can’t describe how wonderful it is to think at a slower pace. As I am adjusting to my meds, I am unearthing my buried epiphanies and forcing myself to really FEEL past hurts in order to move on; I found the real me. I found the girl that doesn’t need to put on a show to try and please people. I found the girl that didn’t have to start conversations with a self deprecating comment in order to propell it. I can still make people laugh just as hard with out acting like a tard (YAY! A rhyme!) on purpose. I am eccentric but I don’t have to worry if what I say is too odd because fuck it, it’s me. I am a nerd, a geek, a dork and I revel in it.

Some people believe that I’ve always been like this. But what they never realized was when I was alone in my room, I’d go over EVERYTHING I said and beat myself up if I said a stupid comment or worry that people didn’t like me and just kept me around as amusement; to ridicule me after I left. I used my silly behavior as a shield. I spent an irresponsible amount of money on other people and I usually would have no money to put into savings or spend on myself. I felt like I had to make up for this hole in me, that if they really knew me they’d leave. Hence the constant stream of thoughts; it was a distraction. Now that I’ve slowed down I remember and employ the things I’ve always known.

I have always been incredibly aware of what’s going on around me but now it’s also turned inward. I have become more self aware then ever before, but now it is a more whole self awareness. I no longer only recognize my flaws; I try and fix them. I finally recognize the bits of me that are pretty amazing. I recognize that I am strong, that I am genuinely good person even if I don’t constantly put others before myself, that some part of me is beautiful and amazing because why else would people say it if it wasn’t true? I don’t have to hide any part of myself anymore because if someone doesn’t like me, they’ll tell me. I refuse to constantly wonder if people like me. It’s exhausting and now that my thoughts are no longer racing, my brain is all “Dude let me introduce you to logic. I think you two will become the best of friends.”

An example of that happened today. I did something that I had never done before. There was an attractive guy walking down the street and I held eye contact with him and smiled. He smiled back. I used to be so incredibly skittish around guys that I couldn’t even LOOK at them. But fuck it. A guy wouldn’t ask me out if he didn’t like me. If he doesn’t like me, big deal - that just means we’re not well suited. It doesn’t mean that I’m lacking something. I may not have the traits he wants but that doesn’t mean I need to acquire them in order for ALL guys to like me. I can smile at a guy; it’s just a fricken smile. It’s not like when they pass they’ll sneer at me and scream “DON’T LOOK AT ME.” Well… at least the sane ones won’t. lol I may still be skittish for awhile, but I'm getting better and that's all that matters. The past is something I can't change and something I won't cling to anymore.

I have stepped out of the cage I placed myself in. Bye flighty and bars. Streching my wings feels pretty damn good and I have no intention of ever locking myself up again.

I know I’ve written about these subjects before but its part of making myself remember. It’s part of the retraining of my brain. It doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks I’m awesome, because I know I am. WOOOT! lol


January 13, 2009

It's the Little Things

Ok, so, there is this place near I work that offers a free lunch to anyone that can guess the weight of their container (its buffet style but awesomer). I usually NEVER guess but today I thought “What the hell?”. A random number popped in my head - 1.21 and instead of over-analyzing it I just went with it.

Holy medusa’s nipples I was RIGHT!

So I received a free lunch!


I know this sounds lame BUT I think I’m on my way to actually trusting my first instinct rather than freaking out and not trusting myself. It could also be the universe’s way of saying “Uhhh yeah, so about Saturday… sorry…” lol.

It’s the little things that make me smile and matter the most to me because it seems that most people don’t stop to appreciate them.


That is all.

January 12, 2009

What I Think

Ok, first off I will warn you: this post is prompted by a dramedy. But you know what, I really don't give a shit. To all those that scoff at the idea of some fluffy story is stupid because it wasn't written by a dead author or a “great” writer: you're narrow minded. Everyone interprets things differently. Something you read and love I may hate. Something I love you may hate.

That's life.

I appreciate EVERY story. No matter how bad, how cheesy. It's a piece of someone that they've put out. This applies even to the stories I don't like, whether they be movies or books. It's still something that was created from someone's mind. But people are moved and love different things and yeah, this super cheesy movie actually clicked some light bulbs on for me.

Ok. So here goes. The movie was P.S I Love You. Yes, it's that movie with Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler.

Moving on.

There will be spoilers and stuff BUT anyone who's watched the trailer knows that Gerald Butler's character dies almost immediately. The movie is about his widow (Hilary Swank) and the letters she receives from him after he's dead. The letters encourage her to move on, to let go, but softly. From what the movie shows, they were in love. LOVE love. The kind that I thought only movies show. The kind that makes me bitter, the kind I say will never happen but secretly hope it will. It also focuses on moving on. Something I am really, really not good at. A good friend said something very true and I refused to acknowledge for a long time. She said that perhaps I'm unhappy and expect the worse is because that's comfortable. I only know how to accept the bad because I did for a very long time so it's the first thing I look for, the first thing I understand.

It's true.

It's my comfort zone. It's easy for me to think other people don't like me. That they secretly hate me because in the past it's happened. But that's just it, it's the past right; I can't change it. Take last night for example. My purse got stolen. If that's my biggest trouble.... I am really fucking lucky. So I lost some money, a phone and some other really trivial shit. Whooppppdeeedo. It's in the past, why dwell on it? I can't change it, I can't constantly blame myself or be angry at the person who took it because it happened. It's done. No shoulda, woulda, couldas can bring it back. Anyway, that isn't what this post is about. It's about being alone. In the end, after she receives that last letter, she breaks down and comes to terms with the fact that he is gone, but she also realizes that she's alone, but not alone. In the end, we're all alone, so we're all together on that. Yes, you will love someone, yes you will have friends. But they can't complete you; that's impossible. The only person that can take an action is yourself. People can encourage you but they can't force you to do something for yourself. That's a step that you alone have to take.

To me that's daunting.

I realize that in that way, I am very similar to my mother. I never want to take an action on my own, no action without direction because I need something to fall back on. I need a reason why it failed. I think that's why it's so hard for me to play the guitar or sing. If I do it badly, it's on me no one else. It takes practice. I can't read any directions that will magically and automatically make me good. I can learn it, but I have to LEARN it. Some one can help me but in the end I am the one that has the power to become good at it. I have to be the one to step out of my comfort zone, no one can drag me out of it. In the movie, most of his letters were about encouraging her to live and follow her dreams. That she can do that without him because it's all in her.

I have loved, I have lost that love therefore I'll find something else. As for my mom. That's tricky. I think... no, I know that she affects me because I am looking for that source of comfort that we all look for as a child; when we are still unable to be completely alone. But as we get older, we need to find it in ourselves. I can't hate her because I don't love myself or because I can not comfort myself. Yes, she may not have taught me how to do that BUT it's something that I still have to learn. It's not something she can just throw in me. I have to learn it. I have to learn a lot of things and that's fine. I keep thinking that it's too late because I feel that so many other people already have that knowledge, that I'm so behind... oh look, I'm looking for an excuse; a set of directions to follow so I can blame something for my lack of knowledge but I can't because I can STILL learn it.

When I was first diagnosed I thought I could blame a majority of my actions on being bipolar and yes some of the things I do I really can't control. But there are a lot of things that I can control and can't blame on the disorder. I can change the way I think. As I've said before, the medication does NOT alter how you think, rather, it subdues the way you feel so that instead of emotion taking over, logic can. So that when I want to scratch myself, when I want to smash a mirror, when I look longingly at a bridge or rushing cars, my emotions aren't the first thing I act on, because they are temporary; they do not last. But logic does. It's what makes us eat, work, laugh, create. Yes, emotions help in creativity but if you rely on them you'll never really be able to finish anything as they are temporary. Unless you start a project and only return to it when you feel a certain emotion. But that would take years to complete and would you ever feel that it's whole because that emotion will never end, so how can anything based on that be finished? Right now, the thing I really feel I can create are stories and my stories change with how I feel. I can never just write a complete story in one mood because when I go back and edit it I'm all “whooooooooooooooooa Heather, that's a bit heavy and makes no sense”.

I refused to accept that anything was wrong with me because I am constantly looking to others for how I live my life. I thought that maybe I was just doing it wrong so I would punish myself. I seek approval from almost everyone else before I take a step. Hence why I am terrified of people not liking me. I'm scared that I'll do something wrong... lol but how can I? It's my life. It ridiculous because I do this even down to the music I listen to. I have over 40 gigs of music but never listen to the old music because I feel that I need something new, I need to be caught up with everyone on the latest thing.


No, I don't know record labels, no, I don't know directors, no I can't tell you about all the technical aspects of music and movies. I can only tell you about how I feel about them, the story I get out of them because that's what I do. I feel. I usually feel too much but I know have meds that help that. Lol.

So yeah, call this movie horrid, call it an abomination but fuck it. I liked it. I got something out of it.

Isn't that all that matters? Yeah, it is.

January 11, 2009


Hello everyone. It's 3:26 AM on a fuckatacular Sunday.

My purse was stolen about 2 and a half hours ago.

How much do I hate thieves?

I would like to cut open their stomachs, pull their intestines out and boil them while the victim is alive and make them tell me everything they've ever done wrong; Goonies style.







Yeah so my weekend has been fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntastic. GREAT JUST FUCKING GREAT!

What is now gone:

Phone (account now suspended as someone called from my phone right after it was stolen)

Keys (they know where I live and have my keys.... greatttttttttt)

Wallet (3 credit cards now canceled, insurance cards, dr's cards, student id, muni card, 300$ worth of gift cards, my license ... etc)

Makeup (ehhhh, don't really care about that)

Notebook with all my passwords and notes (MOTHERFUCK)

Purse (ehhh 7$ from goodwill, whatevs)

Pipe (for... tobacco....)

Meds (I hope they take all my klonopin and drink so they can die)

40+$ (all the money I had until the 14th.... ah ha...)

K. I'm going to bed and going to wake up to continue the cancellation shizzy.

ALSO: To those who are blaming themselves. It's MY FAULT I was the one that handed it to someone else to take care of, I should have just kept it. STOP SAYING I'M SORRY!!!!!!!


It could be worse. No one got shot and not mothers where injured.



oh yeah, one more thing, MY MP3 PLAYER WAS IN THERE.....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

January 8, 2009

Because it Seems Quite a Few People are in Need of a Giggle

*Yo! These pictures DO NOT BELONG TO ME. They belong to http://icanhascheezburger.com/
I just love them and want to make people laugh. Please don't sue me as I am a broke ass ho. Thank you*

Lol I'm sure the lady I put this up for will at least smile... I hope....

How true is this?

Because would that be fricken AWESOME if that happened?

Sigh, sad but true.

I feel this whenever anyone points out my misuse of commas or words. Shhhhhh I am well aware of my tragic grammar.
*edited for Xantraun, because he is a buttswisher.

Because I laughed so hard at this my boss had to come out and investigate and ended up laughing just as hard.

Because Prop 8 is bullshit.

Well, I hope at least some of you snickered or giggled just a bit! Happy Thursday!

January 1, 2009

Say Goodbye to 2000 HATE!

So I have a whole bunch of ideas for blogs but I really wanted to write the obligatory end of the year blog.

This really has been the year of 2000 hate for me. I have hated myself more this year, done more damaging things to myself and let others stomp all over me than ever before. Because of this I refuse to make the following promise empty:

It's shan't happen again.

Por Que?

  1. I am forcing myself to type that I am awesome. Because gosh darn it, people like me. Lol
  2. I am starting to realize that I can do whatever I want. Yes I know that sounds strange but I never really went outside the lines I was drawn into until now. And let me just say.... the free space, the gray area is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! Terrifying, but amazing!
  3. I am applying my philosophy on dancing to the rest of the world : Who the fuck cares? Everyone dances differently. Just like everyone LIVES differently. I will not waste anymore time longing for a different life, instead, I'm going to do the logical thing and change my own life. WOOOO
  4. I shall manage my money better so that I can travel and collect the experiences I want.
  5. I am going to figure what I'm going to school for and study abroad.
And blahity blah, more resolutions. I'm not going to type them all out. I'm just going to DO them. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I'll be writing a far more interesting blog in the next couple of days but for now, sit back, chillax and wave goodbye to another year while hugging the new year in.


It shall, it shall. And you'll be reading why. HA!

Happy New Year peeps!

Also, what song could be better than this one to bring in the new year? ;)