January 8, 2009

Because it Seems Quite a Few People are in Need of a Giggle

*Yo! These pictures DO NOT BELONG TO ME. They belong to http://icanhascheezburger.com/
I just love them and want to make people laugh. Please don't sue me as I am a broke ass ho. Thank you*

Lol I'm sure the lady I put this up for will at least smile... I hope....

How true is this?

Because would that be fricken AWESOME if that happened?

Sigh, sad but true.

I feel this whenever anyone points out my misuse of commas or words. Shhhhhh I am well aware of my tragic grammar.
*edited for Xantraun, because he is a buttswisher.

Because I laughed so hard at this my boss had to come out and investigate and ended up laughing just as hard.

Because Prop 8 is bullshit.

Well, I hope at least some of you snickered or giggled just a bit! Happy Thursday!


Xantraun said...

"I feel this whenever any points out my misuse of commas or words. Shhhhhh I am well aware of my tragic grammar."

Dearest Heather, I feel the need to arrogantly point out the missing latter half of the compound word -anyone- in this poorly constructed statement.

Please proceed to ctrl+alt+delete yourself and reboot as this error can be fatal if swallowed.

Yeah, I know that last part made absolutely no sense but that's what came out and I got fired yesterday so I can do what I want!!! =]~

alice said...

HAHAHA Love the Alice one, of course! Thanks lady! (Johnny Depp was my fave...ummm...can't help it)

NerdOneirik said...


Oh, wait....


Wait...fired?? You ok? EMAIL ME! Buttswisher. Yes, I did just make that up.

And I edited my post. Buttswisher.

NerdOneirik said...

Ms Alice... the Depp one was a requirement... ;) lol