January 29, 2010

The Discovery of My Blogger Anthropologic Self

Photo 4 - I’m late in posting it, BUT, it was taken. So yay. A blogger I read made an interesting point. She said that no one should apologize for living life instead of blogging as the whole life thing is kind of the basis OF a blog. So yeah, smart gal. lol So yeah, life is the basis of my absence. So there.

Last weeks photo is a close up of a owl wreath that my awesomely crafty friend Nomi made:

The cute is super present, yes? Here is a shot of the whole thing:


Ok, onward ho to blog thoughts. So, in my US History class (shudder, I HATE US History, not because I hate history, in fact I LOVE ANCIENT history, just not US History cause they kinda push the fact that there were people here before us into a closet and vaguely go over it) we were talking about how to read a historical article and one of the main points to consider is who was the intended audience. This made me think about my blog. Quite honestly I think the only audience is me at this point. I mean… when I write something it’s mostly to get it out of my head and when I post my pictures, especially from my photo project, it’s for me. I’m proud of myself that I am sticking to a goal for the first time in my life. If people do read my blog that would be AWESOME because the whole reason I read other blogs is for a person’s story: what is their life like, what do they like, what inspires them, what troubles them.

I love stories.

Humans are absolutely fascinating and so incredibly unique. I love it. I love being a silent part of someone’s life. It’s comforting to know that other people wonder about the same things I do and it’s comforting to know that they don’t. The other blogs I read (some of them are to the right on my blog roll) all seem to have a theme. People actually post pictures of themselves and snippets of things they write. I just kind of observe.

I’m a blogger anthropologist.

I think that’s AWESOME. A lot of other bloggers post trinkets and photos from other blogs and stuff but I just really, really, REALLY, love reading people’s stories. When I find a new blog I’ll usually go all the way back to their first post and read from there so it’s like the beginning of a story, or at least a new chapter. I love it. If people read my first entry on this blog it would be like entering a world Lewis Carroll created. There isn’t any rhyme or reason, and the story line is filled with tangents, but it’s there. I dunno. The audience concept made me consider that as I type this, will anyone read it, and if they do, what will it do for them? Kill time at work? Inspire them? Confuse them? I hope it at least makes them more curious as to what’s in my brain because I do love sharing it, as vain as that sounds. I have so many stories I need to write and so many different ways of looking at things I’d like to share.

I guess this means that I just need to actually stick to a posting schedule and force my brain to think in a more structured way instead of just spitting out random inspirations sporadically.

Ahhhhhh yeah.

January 18, 2010

Le Discovery of Photo 3

Ha! I have not forgotten my picture of the week! This week it’s a close up pic of my friend Sean’s new tattoo. It’s a character from an Edward Gorey story titled “The Doubtful Guest”.

Le cool, no? Taken on 1-14-10. It's comforting to know that there is someone out there with legs as white as mine. HA!

For those of you in that bay area, WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH ALL THIS RAIN??? I woke up this morning and felt like I was in a hurricane. The wind was beating the shit out of our building. If it was snowing I would be able to utter the phrase in the pic below:

I start school this week and see an Ortho for my fucked up shoulder so this should be an interesting week. I will update on how these classes go as my last class (photography) kinda BLEW. Anywho....

January 10, 2010

The Discovery of a Goal

Happy 2010 yo!

Ok, sooooooo, I'll be the first person to admit that I have a huge problem with setting goals and actually achieving them. So this year I'm determined to set feasible goals. Usually I'd set these completely unrealistic goals like... postingonceadayonthisblog or something like that.


Ahem. SOOOO this is ONE of my goals for this year - I will be taking one photo a week in January, then two photos a week in February, then 3 photos a week in March and so on. Another part of this goal is to POST these photos on here so I HAVE to begin sticking to my goal of posting more. I know that everyone and their mom has a blog (example, Sea of Shoes' Jane. Her mother ALSO has a blog) and I know that collecting an audience is kinda hard. I'd like to though. I dunno why lol. Maybe because I find so much inspiration in other blogs that it would be cool to also be a catalyst.

Any who. Another part of this goal is to teach myself self discipline which is something I.. ahh.... don't really have. I'm aware that in order to actually achieve anything that I want, I really need discipline. So yeah. I have some other goals that I'll talk about in another post because right now my boyfriend is jumping up and down demanding that we watch a movie. lol

Here are my pictures for the first 2 weeks of this project:

Taken 1-1-10

Taken 1-4-10

You can also look at me photos on flickr.