January 29, 2010

The Discovery of My Blogger Anthropologic Self

Photo 4 - I’m late in posting it, BUT, it was taken. So yay. A blogger I read made an interesting point. She said that no one should apologize for living life instead of blogging as the whole life thing is kind of the basis OF a blog. So yeah, smart gal. lol So yeah, life is the basis of my absence. So there.

Last weeks photo is a close up of a owl wreath that my awesomely crafty friend Nomi made:

The cute is super present, yes? Here is a shot of the whole thing:


Ok, onward ho to blog thoughts. So, in my US History class (shudder, I HATE US History, not because I hate history, in fact I LOVE ANCIENT history, just not US History cause they kinda push the fact that there were people here before us into a closet and vaguely go over it) we were talking about how to read a historical article and one of the main points to consider is who was the intended audience. This made me think about my blog. Quite honestly I think the only audience is me at this point. I mean… when I write something it’s mostly to get it out of my head and when I post my pictures, especially from my photo project, it’s for me. I’m proud of myself that I am sticking to a goal for the first time in my life. If people do read my blog that would be AWESOME because the whole reason I read other blogs is for a person’s story: what is their life like, what do they like, what inspires them, what troubles them.

I love stories.

Humans are absolutely fascinating and so incredibly unique. I love it. I love being a silent part of someone’s life. It’s comforting to know that other people wonder about the same things I do and it’s comforting to know that they don’t. The other blogs I read (some of them are to the right on my blog roll) all seem to have a theme. People actually post pictures of themselves and snippets of things they write. I just kind of observe.

I’m a blogger anthropologist.

I think that’s AWESOME. A lot of other bloggers post trinkets and photos from other blogs and stuff but I just really, really, REALLY, love reading people’s stories. When I find a new blog I’ll usually go all the way back to their first post and read from there so it’s like the beginning of a story, or at least a new chapter. I love it. If people read my first entry on this blog it would be like entering a world Lewis Carroll created. There isn’t any rhyme or reason, and the story line is filled with tangents, but it’s there. I dunno. The audience concept made me consider that as I type this, will anyone read it, and if they do, what will it do for them? Kill time at work? Inspire them? Confuse them? I hope it at least makes them more curious as to what’s in my brain because I do love sharing it, as vain as that sounds. I have so many stories I need to write and so many different ways of looking at things I’d like to share.

I guess this means that I just need to actually stick to a posting schedule and force my brain to think in a more structured way instead of just spitting out random inspirations sporadically.

Ahhhhhh yeah.

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