January 10, 2010

The Discovery of a Goal

Happy 2010 yo!

Ok, sooooooo, I'll be the first person to admit that I have a huge problem with setting goals and actually achieving them. So this year I'm determined to set feasible goals. Usually I'd set these completely unrealistic goals like... postingonceadayonthisblog or something like that.


Ahem. SOOOO this is ONE of my goals for this year - I will be taking one photo a week in January, then two photos a week in February, then 3 photos a week in March and so on. Another part of this goal is to POST these photos on here so I HAVE to begin sticking to my goal of posting more. I know that everyone and their mom has a blog (example, Sea of Shoes' Jane. Her mother ALSO has a blog) and I know that collecting an audience is kinda hard. I'd like to though. I dunno why lol. Maybe because I find so much inspiration in other blogs that it would be cool to also be a catalyst.

Any who. Another part of this goal is to teach myself self discipline which is something I.. ahh.... don't really have. I'm aware that in order to actually achieve anything that I want, I really need discipline. So yeah. I have some other goals that I'll talk about in another post because right now my boyfriend is jumping up and down demanding that we watch a movie. lol

Here are my pictures for the first 2 weeks of this project:

Taken 1-1-10

Taken 1-4-10

You can also look at me photos on flickr.

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