February 9, 2010

Ze Discovery of ... Stuff lol

Yo! Tis February! Time to up the photos to twice a week. I also have the last photo from January so, without further ado:

Photo 5

My beau is my favorite model due to his many expressions lol Taken 1-30-10

Photo 6

I actually took this with my phone. I was super surprised at the awesome quality of the picture. G3 FOR LIFE! Taken on 2-3-10

Photo 7

I am trying DESPERATELY to grow SOMETHING. I actually killed bamboo so I’m a bit scarred. The one thing I CAN grow seems to be mold. Meh. Damn San Francisco climate! Taken 2-6-10.

I did my taxes last night and while I would LOVE to buy a Nikon D-90 or an iMac with my return… alas, it all goes to my credit card bill. But once I pay that off I’ll actually be able to save money so I can get my pretties. Also, I owe the state $31. WHAT THE FUCK? I’ve NEVER owed any money after doing taxes.


I got a raise so expect lots of pics involving my apartment as I’m going to be decorating like mad!!