January 23, 2012

Self Discipline HAR HAR HAR

Yeah. Self discipline. Clearly I am an avid follower.

2011 took over my life in a real messed up way and the end of it kinda hit me like a rabid kid beating on a pinata. Very few people I know had a good 2011. My good friend had her house burn down, and the bar she worked at closed down. I had my purse stolen which wouldn't really be a big deal except all of the material I was collecting for stand up was in a notebook, IN the purse. Then I had a cancer scare (NO BIG DEAL HAR HAR HAR) and then broke my foot and pretty much missed all the holidays. I also was warned that it was highly likely that I was going to get fired. This sent me into panic mode and had me planning to move back to WI then possible to Vancouver. Then 2012 rolled around and (crosses fingers and prays to whatever there is that I'm not jinxing it) so far… really good. Met a dude that still wanted to hang out with me even though new year's included a wonderful array of stomach splattering pyrotechnics from yours truly.

Goooooood times.

I'm back at work and while I know I'm on thin ice, so far so good. Unfortunately my possible kick to the ass was more so the fault of a developer I'm working with, it was still my responsibility to manage the project and I should have recognized that it was somewhat tanking.

Also in 2011, I pretty much lost passion for any creative endeavor, as proof with my keeping up with this blog. However, I did take an improv class and did a performance which was AWESOMESAUCE but then I started working 50 to 60 hours a week and my brain gave me the finger and was all "You think I have energy to be funny? How's this for funny, cunt?" So I just kinda shut down. I also haven't written a short story in a year which for me is real bad. Writing is pretty much the only passion that ever stuck with me and the fact I haven't actively pursued it makes me feel like I cut off a limb. I still am taking photos but due to my lack of energy and self discipline, that has waned as well.

Sooooo now that my oh-so-horrible problems are out and about, time to stop being a whiny bitch and do something about it, yeah?