June 19, 2008

Where's My Walker?

lol! No, no, I'm not one of those people will freak out because they turned 25. If you couldn't already tell I never really need a reason to freak out I just do cause I'm suave like that. I don't feel old or anything like that. I do kinda wish I had my degree already or maybe my own apartment, or maybe owned a car or even a plant ...but this just means I get to have more goals. GO ME! So yeah. Hrmmm updates, updates. The text message debacle has been cleared up... kinda. lol. I love how the older I get, the more high school drama my life becomes. I didn't date in high school or really experience any of the drama that usually takes places in that time frame until after I already graduated. So here I am, 25 and terrfied of admiting my feelings.


Yesterday I had to go to the courthouse to report for Jury Duty. Can I just say hangover + Jury Duty = BAD DECISION. Not as bad as flying with a hangover, but close. I will admit that as bad as flying with a hangover is, it helps me get over my fear of flying because whenever there's turbulance I kinda hope that we will crash to the ground so that the person that is letting their child run all over the fucking plane can EXPLODE IN A BALL OF CRIMSON GLORY. But thats just me. Also, crimson glory would be a wonderful name for the period.

If that made you squirmy you need to grow up.


Also, since it's my birthday come join me at my magic picnic table!! WOO WOO

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