July 6, 2009

Fuck Fuzio

I have discovered that Fuzio is place I shall never return to as my stomach wants to punch the face of whoever was in charge of cooking my meal. J, B, S and I went there for dinner last night and when I returned home I was reintroduced to the fetal position and popped tums like they were M&M’s.



Because of my indigestion/food poisoning/angry elves kicking the shit out of my stomach, I missed a goodbye party for two English ladies I had become acquainted with who are returning to London.



Also, apparently I was too eager in nourishing myself today with deciding to eat a pickle. This must have cause a riot with the elves because my stomach proceeded to yell at me and is now sending threats of re-familiarizing me with my partially digested lunch.

Not fun.

So, the discovery of the day is: Fuck Fuzio. And to them I say:

But all is not lost for my Fourth was spent watching the finest of SF's amateur fireworks from a beautiful rooftop view. Though for a bit M, S and I were convinced the world was ending due to the amount of screaming and sirens that surrounded us.

Good times, good times.


T. said...

Banana's are good for the stomach, its a binding food!! Also being that I just recently had the stomach flu, I know all about getting it back on track, getting some Kombucha in your tummy would be VERY beneficial!! BUT get the ginger flavor and MAKE SURE it also says Probiotics on the bottle as well, and a BIG FYI, whatever you do, DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE.........it has fizz, and it will explode when you open it!!!!

Stuart said...

fuck all these damn fusion restaurants. they're fancy schmancy hippie trickery doesn't impress me. we're sticking to good ole' American-style Italian/Japanese/Southern BBQ crap that will kill us with its fat and cholestorol.