July 6, 2010


Yeah… so, been awhile. Life kinda took over and I kinda lost the motivation to post. I’ll probably be updating my other blog in a day or two to go over the details. Bad things happen to me in 3’s. I also have the birthday week curse. Everything awful will happen during this week. Lets recap. My birthday was June 19 and the series of unfortunate events began with:

  1. My Grandmother’s funeral was ON my birthday so I got some lovely calls. “She looks so beautiful, we wish you were here. Happy Birthday. Wonderful. We weren’t that close so while I mourned, it wasn’t really a tragedy due to the fact that she hadn’t been doing the best for awhile.
  2. The morning after my birthday party, our neighbor was found dead in his bed, in his apartment. This means that he died less than 4 feet from where I sleep. And my boyfriend and I believe that he died on Thursday because we heard some really intense snoring (realllllly thin walls) then suddenly it stopped. He usually calls his friends EVERY morning at 9am and we hadn’t heard him since then. So yeah, I heard the death rattle. Ah ha.
  3. I got the WORST sunburn I have EVER had. We’re talking blisters, intense pain and a Dr trip that involved Vicodin.
  4. This last weekend someone got a hold of my credit card number and stole $975. That was my rent money. Good times.
  5. My dad has to have intense surgery July 15 and I am terrified for him.
So yeah. Being 27 has not been pleasant. I can really no longer say “It could be worse” because every time I do, something fucked up happens. I apologize for the unpleasant tone of this post BUT I did get a SLR camera and have been taking pics left and right so I will be posting them soon! So I guess this is just an update so everyone knows I’m a live. Lol. That is if anyone still reads this blog lol.


T. said...

I read it!

NerdOneirik said...

I read yours toooooo!!!!! WOot Woot

Xantraun said...

Can haz moar?

you might just as well say said...

I heard this story when you and Stu were here. It was really sad. Hope everything is all well :)

Anaxas said...

I lived in an apartment with a thin wall like yours, and I could hear my neighbor snore sometimes and talk in his sleep sometimes. One night I said to myself, "Sounds like Pat is dying over there." The next morning I left for a ski trip to Montana. After I had been back for a few days, one of my neighbors said, "Wasn't it terrible about Mr. P______ . Weird.