January 6, 2011

2011 = Change

I’ve been super absent from my blog lately due to some momentous changes in my life. It’s a bit hard to write this because I had so many other ideas for entries but I’d like to put what I feel in writing as it makes it a bit more real. So, a recap:
  • In December I moved out of the apartment I lived in with my boyfriend for over a year. I moved into a studio in the Mission district of San Francisco which is where I have wanted to live for a very long time. I love my studio and it has become my home, my haven. I must admit it’s awesome to have complete decorating control. I’ve already reached the point of making it my own so that when people walk in they know it’s my place as it is so very Heather lol. Pictures will be posted as my sister has threatened me with bodily harm if I don’t. Plus I’m actually quite proud of it. My boyfriend moved in with his grandma in Alameda to save some money and we finished completely moving out of our apartment last week. Our walk through was on the 31st so we truly started the new year fresh.
  • Earlier this week my boss let me know that was resigning. This is substantial in that he has become like a second dad to me. He was there for me when very few people were and quite honestly there were times where I really should have been terminated but he believed in me enough to ride out the rough times. This also means the dynamic of my workplace will change significantly. I am going to have to step up my game as I know I do quite a lot but I know I can do more and do better.
  • Last night my boyfriend of almost 2 years I broke up. It was completely mutual and no hearts were broken. But it’s still hard in the sense that for awhile I truly thought that this was it. This was the last person I’d date. Perhaps everyone feels that in a relationship at one time or another. He’s going to be moving to Portland later this year so our relationship was going to end at one point or another. We also had been growing apart for quite awhile. But I regret nothing and would take nothing back. I have learned so much from him and this relationship. I learned that I could be loved and I deserved it. I learned what I would accept and when it was too much. We will continue to be friends and for that I am grateful because I still love him albeit in a different way then when we started. I know that he has learned a lot as well and that makes me incredibly happy. That’s what a close of a relationship should be. Don’t focus on the end; focus on the journey that got you there. The good, the bad, it was all worth it. This song pretty much incorporates everything I feel in a beautiful way, except for the broken heart part, obviously lol. However, this relationship has made my heart much, much stronger.

I will be posting a lot more due to the fact that I will FINALLY be getting the interweb in my new place tomorrow. It’s also part of my new year’s resolution as I have been inspired by all the amazing blogs I follow. I’m not even sure if anyone reads this anymore but I plan to add a lot more stuff and things.

So yeah, 2011 has started off with a hell of a bang. I am a little apprehensive to see where this year will take me but I have a feeling that it will be full of changes for the better. Mostly in myself. Woot!

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M said...

i'm glad to see you've been doing rather well and that life has brought you some changes of which good things have come. i miss you dearly. :)