September 25, 2009

The Discovery of Lack of Time

Time, time, TIME!

Where do you go? Blarg. I’ve become a blog junkie as of late and I want to know HOW THESE GIRLS DO ALL THESE THINGS!!!!! Their photos, their stories, how the hell do they have time to write them and take the photos? Do they have a job? How????????? I feel like my head is full of sand. I want to get back into drawing or take more photos but when I get home the only thing I can think of is how comforting the bed is.


It could have something to do with the fact that we are STILL not settled into our new abode. And no, I shan’t post pictures till every last box has been banished from our living space.

Speaking of boxes.

My mother (who has discovered my blog….) sent Stu and I 26 boxes of stuff. Yes, 26. What is this “stuff”: toilet paper, canned foods, placemats, pine-sol, garbage bags, candles, flashlights, etc - the very definition of stuff. Have I mentioned that I’ve lived in San Francisco for 5 years? Now, I am in no way ungrateful… it’s just… we were almost done unpacking before all these boxes arrived. Also, if there is a zombie invasion you are all invited to my pad as I have enough canned food to last over a year and since we’re on a hill, picking zombies off from our balcony will be easy.

So, back to my whine. These blogs:
make me restless and craving adventure. I want to find my creative streak again and sew it to my toes like Wendy sewed Peter’s shadow so it never escaped again. I also want to try selling some of my drawings.

*shuffles feet nervously*

I haven’t really showed anyone what I draw and I still haven’t found a good medium to produce it on but I really, really want to try.

I’ve been getting really in to photography lately (not just for my class) and am going to start saving up for an SLR. It’s funny because when I told everyone that I was taking a photography class, most people encouraged me by saying that I had a really good eye for it. My mother even sent me a pic I took of the ocean (while in Florida) when I was about 13 that she framed. I’ll post my assignment pictures on here eventually.

*twiddles thumbs*

As I said, time is of the lost category for me right now. One thing I have noticed while taking photography class is that I really, really, really disliked learning the “technicalities” as I go by how it looks and what I WANT it to look like. In my last class the teacher gave us a situation where you had to measure the light balance and then from that reading figure out what the best shutter time and aperture stop would work best. How can you answer that? What if you want it under-exposed or over-exposed? How can you judge without taking a picture? I’d rather go on what I feel. I dunno… art in general is so hard to teach because everyone approaches a subject a different way and while 100 people could be looking at the same thing, they’ll interpret it their own way through their own medium.


Methinks it’s time to find my self discipline. Honestly, I think it’s at a bar some where downing whiskey and cursing my ability to overpower it.

*sigh again*

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Francie. said...

i only know lily's but i am going to have to look at the other ones now!