September 22, 2009

The Discovery of the Swine Flu

Yes, I contracted h1n1 flu aka the dreaded Swine Flu.

Who has the best luck in the world? *points to self*

Obviously I’m alive so the panic the press instilled in to most of America was just hype (the press over dramatize something??? NOOO NEVER!). Honestly it wasn’t that bad. It was kind of like the normal flu only without the vomiting from both mouth and bum (thank god). The only difference was that I got the worst chills I’ve ever had in my life. My teeth were chattering so hard that I thought I’d break one. The only major concern was my breathing. I have mild asthma and need an inhaler from time to time and the swine flu has been deadly to those with lung problems due to the fact that it actually attacks the lungs the hardest. I had to get my inhaler again and am still using it.


Another not so nice thing was that I was ALWAYS tired. and had a bit of a fever. I was sleeping 14+ hours a day and still felt like a zombie. I was off work and school for 10 days which would have been nice had I the energy to do ANYTHING. The first time I left the house was to get a new wireless router because we had an old one that had given up on life. That trip seemed very long to me, and very, very, slow and more than a few puffs were needed to walk up the “omfg this is a steep hill” by my house.

Another kick to the crotch from lady luck was the fact that my boyfriend, whom I was the ONLY one in contact with while sick, DIDN'T EVEN GET IT!!!! I know that is a GOOD thing but COME ON! He got the regular flu but not the "special flu". Fuck you immune system, fuck you.

I feel loads better now but the exhausting is lingering. The positive side to all this is that I think I repaid some of my sleeping debt as the bags under my eyes have dissipated a bit.

Speaking of medical maladies, I have to get a mole removed this Thursday. Le meh. I’ve had one removed before and had to get like 7 stitches because it was so large and they were worried that it was cancerous so they took a fuck ton of skin with it. But I lucked out and no cancer was found. WOOT! This mole is a bit of a concern as it went through the “OMG THIS SHOULD BE LOOKED AT” stages in less than a week.

Once again, Meh.

But because I have the bestest boyfriend in the world, he’s going to take me to Fentons after the procedure so that I can drool all over delicious ice cream. WOOT!

So yeah! The M.I.A time will hopefully lessen and I will share the many discoveries that I have made as of late!

Also, here are a few lolercat picture to make up for the lameness of this post:

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T. said...

Good luck!! I'll be calling you!!!!