September 4, 2009

The Discovery of the Social Stigma attached to “Being in a Relationship”

K, so I know that I haven’t updated in awhile but life has been a bit nuts. Let me explain for those that read this and don’t know me:

1. I met a boy whom I liked very much and we started dating in May.
2. Things clicked so well that we jokingly said we should move in together as both of our living situations were becoming a bit stressful.
3. We moved in together in August.
4. We have been super broke so going out wasn’t really an option and inviting people to our house was kind of a no because we intermittently had a table and chairs and we don’t have a couch soooooo yeah.
5. I started school again and am taking photography and loving it. We meet twice a week.
6. Something may be wrong with my body as I am tired all the time and suddenly unable to consume alcohol a majority of the time. I be getting tests done. The Doctors are 70% sure that it’s NOT my medication as I’ve been on it for almost a year now and this has never happened.
7. Now that I’m on ADD meds I can actually concentrate at work and am attempting to make up for my YEARS of incompetence. *A note about my job* I have a job that can be considered a “career” so it requires a lot of concentration and time. I say “Career” because I never went to school for it and I honestly created the job myself. It didn’t exist until I started working there.
8. Le boy and I have had to make multiple trips to goodwill to drop off stuff that we don’t need and we’ve made a tip to the dump (which was interesting as we got lost…) which is pretty much an all day thing because we have to load it up, drive, unload it, drop the car off, walk up a huge fucking hill to get home and try not to collapse…
9. I had a HUGE event for work in August that kept me at work till 8 almost every night and we’re still recovering from it and need to start setting up for next years big event.

Ok, now to get to the nitty gritty. I was unaware of how different people act towards you when you are in a relationship and automatically assume that your lack of presence at certain events is because you are in a relationship. A lot of my friends stopped inviting me out or complained that they never saw me EVEN THOUGH I made an effort to see them at least twice a week. I am still me. I am still a separate person. I can go out alone. I can still help my single friends by being a “wingman”. I am still only a phone call away for those who need me. I am still me. Just because I now have a boyfriend doesn’t mean that will never leave my house without him or never leave my house in general.

To be honest it kind of hurts. Fuck it, to be honest it REALLY hurts. Yes I am aware that I haven’t been going to the bar every night but that’s because of the reasons above but please still invite me out. I may be able to! I hear about all these dinners and nights out and when I ask why I wasn’t invited the reply usually is “Oh, I didn’t think you’d come.” Ok, can we all agree that NO ONE CAN ATTEND EVERY EVENT THEY ARE INVITED TO? What’s even more frustrating is when I try and invite people to stuff I’m going to they’re not interested…. then DON’T SAY THAT YOU NEVER SEE ME!


I am aware that this is a rant but I’m just so tired of being excluded while being told that I never come out. I’m sorry but my body is being weird and I just moved so we’re still sorting through things. We’ve been broke as shit so even if we wanted to go out sometimes it hasn’t been an option.

Tomorrow we’re going to ikea to get a table, chairs, a couch, a dresser, a desk, a bookshelf, and a few other necessities so expect invites for dinner and a movie.

I’m sorry I’ve been absent, but I promise it’s not just cause I’m with a boy!!! And also life happens yo! Le monies suck!

So there.

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you might just as well say said...

yeah people get weird when your in a relationship and the friends want all of your attention all the time .but this too shall pass.

-jasons lady ;)