November 23, 2008


Ok, let me just clarify something. I am drunk. Not in a “I need to escape reality” way. More like “it was a marina bar crawl night", This included blond wigs, douches, assholes, twits and cunts. But it was fun and worth it. I promised Mrs. Chelsea that I would post everyday and I'm sorry, for I am 2 hours late.And mister Pat; I am ok! Thanks for your concern and support! *hugs to both!*

So, once again, I am fine. I had a magical pill that made everything ok again. And now must sleep. Goodnight. I shall go into detail later about my adventures. Night y'all.


Paddym22 said...

Sleep my well my pet, be safe and pleasant dreams xxxx

chelsea said...

AHHHH! You rock. Gone are the days where I can do a nice, reckless bar crawl... as much as I'm glad those days are gone, I do envy the freedom you have in your youth!

Glad your happy pill fixed everything! I had a good day today, and no word from Pat, so hoping his day was on the upswing too.

chelsea said...

Okay where are you, miss thang? Getting worried.

Hmmm interesting. My WV is "woryntsy" I think that means: worried, but only a little.

I know you're fine, but check in, will ya, sister! It's been two days.